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The RAID PROGRAM promotes interaction among clubs. Our goal is to raid several clubs during the dance year (June 1 – May 31).

Each raid gives us points based on the distance between our club and the one we are raiding. Earning 200 points gives the club a 50% discount on annual dues to the NNJSDA. The program can be completed twice in the dance year, giving the club a 100% dues reduction.


This is a great way to support other clubs, socialize, encourage non-members to visit us, and reduce our NNJSDA dues for next year - wins all around. So mark your new calendar now! We'll arrange carpooling when the dates get closer.

Please email Raid Chairperson Lise Greene to sign up for raids or get more info. Reelers attending raids often carpool and dine together before the dance.

upcomng raids

Upcoming Raids

Please join your fellow club members on "raid" visits to other NNJSDA clubs this spring. Not only is it fun to experience dancing with other clubs and callers - completing the program will give our own club a 50% discount on our NNJSDA dues next year.  :-)

Don Lane and Lise Greene have planned the following raids. Please let them know which ones you can attend; we'll arrange carpooling as needed.

Friday, February 23 - Kittatinny Rangers (MS-1 PL, Ed Crowley, 7:00-9:30)
   First Presbyterian Church, 100 Main Street, Stanhope

Sunday, March 10 - Circle Eights (MS/PL, Betsy Gotta, 1:30-3:30)
   Maywood Recreation Center, 340 Duvier Place, Maywood

Monday, March 25 - Lakeland Squares (MS/PL, Howard Richman, 8:00-10:00)
   Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, 9 Two Bridges Road, Towaco

Wednesday, April 3 - Belles & Beaux (MS-1 PL, Mark Franks, 7:15-9:30)
   Maywood Recreation Center, 340 Duvier Place, Maywood

Friday, April 12 - Kittatinny Rangers (MS-1 PL, Doug Kauffman, 7:00-9:30)
   First Presbyterian Church, 100 Main Street, Stanhope

Friday, May 24 - Bee Sharps (MS/Class Level PL/RD, Howard Richman/Mary Pickett, 8:00-10:15)
   PeopleCare Center, 120 Finderne Avenue, Bridgewater

Our club colors are black pants/skirt or black-and-white polka dots, white top, and red accent (belt, tie, jewelry, shoes, etc.). If we have enough participants, we'll do a very simple Virginia Reel(ers) routine - no prior experience needed.

We'll send reminders prior to each raid, but it would be helpful to know now which ones you plan to attend; last-minute participants also welcome. Thanks for joining in as many as you can - the first one is this Friday to our "sister club" with our class teacher as the caller!

past raids

Past Raids


Friday, March 24 2023

RocklandRockytops, Sandy Corey, MS/PL, 7:00-9:00
Congers Community Center (6 Gilchrest Road, Congers, NY)

Friday, April 28 2023

Bee Sharps, Mark Franks/Ron Rumble, MS/PL/RD, 7:30 rounds, 8:00-10:30 alternating squares/rounds
PeopleCare Center (120 Finderne Avenue, Bridgewater)

Wednesday, May 17 2023

Belles & Beaux, Rick Gittelman, MS-1 PL tip, 7:15-9:30
Maywood Recreation Center (340 Duvier Place, Maywood)

December 9 2022 - Bee Sharps

Thursday, September 8 2022

Y Squares 

Mike Sikorsky/Mary Pickett (MS/RD with a PL tip) 

Time - TBD, check back soon

PeopleCare Center 

Friday, August 26 2022 (new raid to replace cancelled 8/19)



Mark Franks (MS/PL)

Congers Community Center, 6 Gilchrest Road, Congers, NY 10920

Contact Raid Chairperson Lise Greene to join Raid + possible lake walk and pre-dance picnic dinner.

Monday, June 13 2022

Lakeland Squares - Night at the Movies

Howard Richman MS/PL

Church of the Good Shepherd, 9 Two Bridges Road, Towaco NJ 07082

Wednesday, November 13, 7:30-10:00

Cross Trails

Jet Roberts, MS/Plus (no rounds)

7:15 Plus workshop; dancing  7:30-9:45;  9:45 plus fast tip if enough interest

Grover Cleveland Middle School Cafeteria,

36 Academy Rd, Caldwell, NJ 07006  (Entrance:  130 Prospect St.)

Admission: ZERO $$

CONTACT Cindy & Dave Whalen (Raid Chairs)

Wednesday, July 17 2020, 7:30-9:30

Belles & Beaux "Blueberry Fest"

Moger, MS

Elmwood Park VFW, 6 Veterans Pl, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407

Monday, July 22 2020, 8-10

Lakeland Squares "Ice Cream Social"

Ingis, MS/PL

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, 9 Two Bridges Road, Towaco, NJ 07082

Sunday, August 4 2020, 2:30-5

Rutgers Promenaders "Summer Dance" video

Koft, Student Level MS

Congregation B'nai Tikvah, 1001 Finnegans Ln, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Friday, September 6 2020, 7:30-9:45

Middletown Ramblers

Franks, PL

Croydon Hall - Middletown Senior Center, 900 Leonardville Rd, Leonardo, NJ 07737

Thursday, September 12 2019, 7:30 (early rounds), 8-10:15

Y Squares "Welcome Back"

Sikorsky, MS/PL/RD

Hehnly Elementary School, 590 Raritan Rd, Clark, NJ 07066

Wednesday, October 9 2019, 7:30-9:30 (workshop 7:15)

Cross Trail Squares

Turner and Muir, MS/PL

Grover Cleveland Middle School, 36 Academy Rd, Caldwell, NJ 07006

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