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Mainstream Class 2020

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SO MUCH FUN! On Monday (1/6/2020)  Reelers hosted the first of two "Intro" Square Dance nights. Attendance was through the roof! We had SIX squares on the floor! Our wonderful and patient teacher, Ed Crowley, taught THIRTEEN calls and everyone kept up just fine!

On Monday 1/13 we hosted our 2nd Free "Intro to Square Dance" night with similar great attendance.

This Monday 1/20 our Mainstream Lessons begin. If you missed one (or both) of the Intro sessions you may still be able to join us at an early review session. Contact us for details (RSVP required).

Reelers offers these intro dances because we want you to see how much fun western square dancing is. While we hope that you will decide to sign up for lessons, there is no expectation or obligation.

COST: $80 for adults. $40 (half-price) for repeating students, children under 18, and college students. We offer a minimum of 18 lessons so this is under $5 per class.

Classes are on Mondays and run into early June. 

7-9pm, at Ironia School in Randolph.

.For more info, please contact:

Janet & Alan Gerber 646-831-1714


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