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Mainstream Class 2020

Our Mainstream Class is off to a great start. We've got a raucous and rollicking class of 24 enthusiastic students including couples, singles and teens. Here's what we've learned so far:

LESSON #10 (3/9/2020)

Fold, Cross Fold, Spin the Top, Star Thru

LESSON #9 (3/2/2020)

Pass the Ocean, Extend, Dive Through, California Twirl

LESSON #8 (2/24/2020)

Centers In, Cast Off 3/4, Pass to the Center

LESSON #7 (2/17/2020)

Ferris Wheel


LESSON #6 (2/10/2020)

Touch A Quarter,  Scoot Back, Hinge

LESSON #5 (2/3/2020)

Wheel and Deal, Square Through, Zoom


LESSON #4 (1/27/2020)

Alamo style, chain down the line, circulate, cloverleaf, grand square, partner trade, run, step to a wave, swing through, trade by

LESSON #3 (1/20/2020)

Slide Thru, Double Pass Thru, Swing


LESSON #2 (1/13/2020)

Single file promenade, u-turn back, backtrack, lead left, lead right, veer left, veer right, do paso, turn thru


LESSON #1 (1/6/2020)

Circle, dosado, promenade, right and left grand, men star left, men star right, weave the ring, ladies chain, courtesy turn, roll away, half sashay, walk around, see saw, pass through, into the middle, right and left through


Here are a few websites that might be useful for reviewing the calls:

  1. Mainstream Call Definitions

  2. Taminations   

  3. Video Square Dance Lessons 

"Taminations" (free) app is available for download on both IOS and Android platforms.

SO MUCH FUN! On Monday (1/6/2020)  Reelers hosted the first of two "Intro" Square Dance nights. Attendance was through the roof! We had SIX squares on the floor! Our wonderful and patient teacher, Ed Crowley, taught THIRTEEN calls and everyone kept up just fine!

On Monday 1/13 we hosted our 2nd Free "Intro to Square Dance" night with similar great attendance.

Our Mainstream class is now well underway - we have 24 (!!!) enthusiastic students - including couples, singles and teens.

Reelers offers our Mainstream class every year, starting in January.

COST: $80 for adults. $40 (half-price) for repeating students, children under 18, and college students. We offer a minimum of 18 lessons so this is under $5 per class.

Classes are on Mondays and run into early June. 

7-9pm, at Ironia School in Randolph.

.For more info, please contact:

Janet & Alan Gerber 646-831-1714

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