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Square Dance History Project
Reelers 2017 Open House (Daily Record)

News & Events

  • Reelers requires proof of the (original) covid19 vaccination. This will be reevaluated in June.

  • Dancers who have received the original set of vaccinations but not received any booster are required to wear masks.

  • NOT vaccinated? NNJSDA has lifted vax requirements for their dances, and the NNJSDA website lists other clubs that also no longer require vax.


  • 01/06 Ted Lizotte (NH) Win a Prize

  • 01/20 Doug Kauffman (NJ) Get Your Sparkle On

  • 01/24 Mainstream (Beginners) Class 7-9pm Mark  Bippes

  • 02/03 Mark Franks (NJ) Souper Bowl (bring canned soup)

  • 02/17 Clay Goss (DE) Presidents and Pies

  • 03/03 Dan Koft (PA)/Kathy Koft Bolos and Skirts

  • 03/17 Dane Bragg (PA) Welcome, Students (no rounds)

  • 04/21 Howard Richman (NJ) Treasurers’ Break

  • 05/05 Sandy Corey (NY) Sports Night (location change - at Center Grove School, 25 Schoolhouse Road, Randolph)

  • 05/19 Ken Ritucci (MA) Screaming for Ice Cream

  • 06/02 Chris Stacy (VA) Beach Party

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