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Our History

In the summer of 1960, some newcomers arrived in this area. Young Vin Caruso had recently learned how to call square dances in Connecticut. He and his wife, Ann, together with Don and Charlotte Simpson (who had learned to dance in Kansas), looked for a square dance club. Not finding one, they offered 10 lessons in the Roxbury High School gym. In January 1961, the graduates formed the Roxbury Reelers. Harold John (Jeff) and Winifred (Dickie) Delchamps, who were already long-time dancers, joined the club as charter members.

Ten more lessons were held. Most of the dancers were associated with the Hercules plant, and dances were held at the Hercules Club. When the Reelers outgrew the Hercules location, dances were held in the basement of St. Theresa’s Church until Dave Manning obtained permission to use Ironia School. At that point, the club name was changed to simply Reelers.

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