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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Folk Dance of New Jersey?

American Square Dancing is the folk dance of New Jersey. Several million people all over the world participate in this social activity characterized by music, exercise, and good fun! And the calls are all in English wherever you may go.

What Is Modern American Square Dancing? 

Four couples form a square and dance a pattern of figures as described by the caller. The music is a combination of types including western, current, country, classical, and more. Movements are smooth, rhythmic, graceful, and easy to learn. The old time folk dance has been modernized.

What Kind of People Square Dance? 

People of all ages and walks of life who are interested in good, clean fellowship and fun square dance together. It is an activity that brings couples closer together and is also excellent for singles and families.

How Expensive Is It? 

An evening of square dancing averages $4-8 per person, depending on which club and whether you are a member.  A Mainstream (entry level) or Plus class averages around $6 per lesson. Yearly dues are $16 p/p.

But What if I Have Never Danced Before?

If you can walk to music you can learn to square dance. Many of today's experienced dancers had never been on a dance floor before learning to square dance.

How Can I Learn to Square Dance?
To learn the basic movements, enjoy a series of introductory dances that progress from simple to more complex. A FREE intro dance is offered in January before our Mainstream lessons begin.

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