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Plus Class 10/29/2019 Recap

Hello Plus Students!


Besides our usual "class recap", there is a lot of info here, so please read it all:)



Tuesday was our 7th (of 14) Plus lessons. We are now at the halfway point for lessons. We have learned well more than 50% of the Plus calls. Ed very wisely plans to use our last few lessons for practice and review. Ed arrived early and helped a few early students with some review. I thought class was very fun and high energy. It felt like we are all starting to get this! We had three squares until the last tip when we dropped to two squares. Karen, Evelyn and Luke you were missed!



  1. Spin Chain the Gears

  2. Anything... and Spread (we did "Follow Your Neighbor... and Spread", "Wheel and Deal ... and Spread", "California Twirl... and Spread")

  3. Track II (Track 2? Track Two?)

  4. Cut the Diamond

  5. Turn Through (OK, this is now a Mainstream call, and I think Ed has taught this before, but I CAN NOT get this! Is it me? Anyone else?)

Ed wanted me to tell you guys that he will be teaching "Relay the Deucey" next Tuesday 11/5,




  1. Grand Swing Through

  2. Single Circle to an Ocean Wave

  3. Chase Right

  4. Teacup Chain

  5. Load the Boat

  6. All Eight Spin the Top

  7. Fan the Top

  8. Follow Your Neighbor

  9. Ping Pong Circulate

  10. Diamond Circulate

  11. Flip the Diamond

  12. Explode the Wave

  13. 3/4 Tag the Line

  14. Dixie Grand

  15. Coordinate

  16. Linear Cycle

  17. Spin Chain the Gears

  18. Track II

  19. Anything ... and Spread

  20. Cut the Diamond



  1. Relay the Deucey

  2. Peel Off

  3. Explode ... and Anything

  4. Crossfire

  5. Trade the Wave

  6. Anything ... and Roll

We are getting there, you guys!


Please review any calls as needed:

  1. Taminations (animations)

  2. Saddlebrook Squares  (videos of square dancers)

  3. Plus Call Definitions



We've got a new web site! Please check it out and pass along any feedback. Is there anything missing that you would find helpful?



  • Thank you Angels for the great refreshments!

  • Dean thanks for bringing those awesome M&M cookies!

  • Did anyone leave an orange plastic top a couple weeks ago? (I have it)


Reelers dance this Friday, 11/1. Round dance class at 6:30. Rounds at 7:30. Alternating Plus/Rounds 8-10. Ed Foot is the caller. Best for "returning "students, but just 6 more calls and we can all be attend these dances! Flyer.



Come to the 45th annual Mini-Festival! Sunday November 10, 1-6:30 at Randolph High School. Doors open 12:30 for registration. Three dance areas for Mainstream, Plus/Rounds and Advanced! Lots of fabulous callers. Info, Flyer, Schedule. (Denise Penicaro is putting together a "Feeling Lucky" basket - cash or lottery ticket donations are welcome)



Save the date - the annual Reelers Holiday party is December 14. More info to come!



I'm starting to plan our Mainstream class which will run Jan - June in 2020. It will probably be on Monday instead of Tuesday. Please spread the word! If you know anyone that might be interested, please pass along their contact info to me. Couples, singles, college students, teens, families - all are most welcome!



Our lessons just would not work without our wonderful Angels who come and dance with us, provide coaching and encouragement, fill our squares and bring yummy refreshments! Thank! You!



Thanks for continuing to arrive promptly, and RSVP’ing. Looking forward to dancing with all of you next Tuesday 10/29 and learning some new calls! If you have perfect attendance to our class, you will receive a 100% attendance dangle for your badge (Donna, Betty, Dean, John and Phyllis are still in the running for this!)


Janet and Alan Gerber

Reelers Class Coordinators 2019/2020 646-831-1714 646-872-4539

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